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About Us

Millbrook Real Estate Services, LLC. is committed to providing the highest quality, most professional, considerate and timely management, sales and leasing services possible. The primary objective of Millbrook Real Estate is the achievement of complete client satisfaction. We at Millbrook pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere of excellence, personal involvement and team spirit, while constantly striving to improve our responsiveness to all we serve.

In carrying out our professional duties we are called upon to consistently make daily decisions which positively affect the quality of service we provide. We recognize the need to base these decisions on established company goals and values. By doing so, we work as a team to enhance the quality of life for our clients, thereby achieving long term prosperity and success for the clients we serve, our company and ourselves.

As a cutting-edge, progressive professional management company unlike any other, our Management group boasts the achievement of industry-wide accreditation. Our performance standards for asset and property management services are second to none.

By Millbrook successfully adhering to its mission, our clients are naturally happy and satisfied with our management, sales and leasing services because we are entirely committed to your success.