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Condominium and P.U.D. Management Services

The following list of services is not intended to be all inclusive.

  1. Millbrook Management will oversee your community and will supervise all contract work.
  2. Accessibility: 24 hours a day by cell phone, SMS and email
  3. An annual, detailed working budget will be provided based upon the budget directed by the Board of Directors
  4. All contracts and service work will be handled through our office and we will be responsible to the Committee to insure quality and the best prices available.
  5. We will provide monthly late billings to all homeowners.
  6. We will handle collections of all assessments and other income.
  7. Provide financial statements monthly as directed by HOA.
  8. Work with management committee in following the your Reserve Study plans as require under Utah State law.
  9. Provide the annual financial statement.
  10. Meet annually with the association.
  11. Enforce all Rules and Regulations of the community as instructed by the management committee.
  12. Service mortgage and title company requests.
  13. Keep the association current with respect to new and updated state statutes.